Presentation of the Montées de Jérusalem

In brief

The « Montées de Jerusalem » is an interconfessionnal gathering of prayer for Christian unity.
Every year Christians from many denominations (Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, etc.) from Europe and beyond are sent to Israel and the Palestinian territories by their churches and prayer groups.
The aim of the trip is not only to visit the "ancient stones" of holy places, but also and mainly to pray and have fellowship with the "living stones", that is the believers of today’s Church, in the land where it was born 2000 years ago in its unity and diversity.
Thus, in meeting believers from all denominations in the country of Jesus, we join Him in His prayer, « I want all of them to be one with each other, just as I am one with you and you are one with Me. Also want to be one with us. Then the people of this world will believe that you sent Me. » (John 17:21). Will not the prayer of the Son be answered by the Father?

Origins and goals

The first «Montee» took place at Pentecost 1984, following a spiritual intuition of pastor Thomas Roberts. These “Montees” are supported in France, Belgium and Switzerland by a movement called "Communion of Prayer for Christian Unity". All through the year this movement gathers through believers whose heart is burning together with the desire to bring their different Churches closer.
The goal is to realise the unity of the body of Christ by bonds of brotherly love in and by Jesus.
Each believer is encouraged to love his own Church and to stay there, while discovering the richness of the other spiritual families, both in their liturgical celebrations and in spontaneous prayers.


So we come in transparency and loyalty to all Church authorities and leadership of communities. Our joy is to meet our brothers and sisters in Christ, whether their backgrounds be Jewish, Arab or from the Nations and to pray with them so that the Holy Spirit may renew in all hearts the miracle of Pentecost :
That the Father in his love may bring all His scattered children together to His Son, so that they can become one Spiritual Body of Christ, where they can bring all their respective richness and receive from Him mutual understanding for the diversity of their traditions and sensitivities. Then they will be able to proclaim together the marvellous works of God!
(John 11:52, 17:21-22, Acts 2:7-11)
The International Committee for the “Montée de Jerusalem” 01-09-2011


The organization is based on an International Committee linked to local committees (currently Belgium, France, Switzerland). This Committee prepares each year the "Montée(s)".
Local Committees encourage prayer events for the unity of Christians in their regions. More information.
Each country is organizing for financial equalization among all envoys; any gift can be sent to them. More information.